Barry nelipowitz


Barry Nelipowitz hails from Syracuse, NY, and received a Bachelors of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Studio Arts from Wells College in 2011.

Compulsion and actions through pattern, geometry, line work, and positive and negative space interact together to create the works of art seen here. I compose works using solid colors and measured space to interfere with the visual digestion of the eye to continuously travel across a piece. These artworks are made through the pairing of organic patterns from the grain of wood with hard-edged shapes. How the shapes and colors are chosen is a matter of instinctual reaction and a desire for balance. The wood pieces are found objects, and refurbished by hand, from a belief that there is always an opportunity to create something provoking from what many people believe to be “of no use”. Nuances and inspirations are seen from the likes of Mondrian, Escher, Frank Stella, and Sol LeWitt.