Alexa Borromeo


  stay out of the sun: a colonized consciousness  Video installation. Still. 2016.

stay out of the sun: a colonized consciousness
Video installation. Still. 2016.

As an artist and activist, I believe in the power of art to permeate, dissect, transform, and create culture. Raised in Houston, TX, much of my work and is inspired by my city and my community.  My experiences in Houston of race, gender, class, and the intersectionality of identities have brought me to a unique understanding of the social issues and injustices that exist today.
My primary background is in painting; however, over the years I have immersed myself into videography, photography, public art, performance, and multimedia installation. I work both independently and collaboratively to create work that facilitates, aids, and inspires positive social change.



Yunhong Katie Chang


  You and I  Porcelain and hair. 2005.

You and I
Porcelain and hair. 2005.

Katie a.k.a. Yunhong Chang received B.F.A. from University of Washington in Ceramics. In her work, she throws, casts, and alters porcelain pieces and often reconstructs them with her own hair.  Altered porcelain bowls often symbolize women in her family and their traditional roles in the households. And the hair represents her attempts to treasure the lost dreams and fading memories.


Alayna Coverly


  The Stability of Femininity  Oil. 2017.

The Stability of Femininity
Oil. 2017.

Alayna Coverly is a Boston based artist working figuratively with oil paint. She has her BFA in Painting and Drawing, along with a Museum Studies certificate and a minor in Art History from Ohio University. She is currently producing work in her studio that focuses on the intimate bonds we have with others. 

My work explores the absence and presence of the emotional bonds we share with others. I use fabric to represent these intimate attachments because they display a connection and disconnection, or a push and pull. I often use fabric to create a layer of comfort and protection while relating to the home. This domesticity is displayed through the patterns used to engulf the figure. The consumption of the figure by the fabric relates back to the figure being hidden, while simultaneously holding a presence. Through my work I show the complexity of intimate attachments, the give and take needed to cultivate relationships.


Aaron Patrick Decker


  Aim Fire  Brooch. Nickel, army blanket, steel. 2015.

Aim Fire
Brooch. Nickel, army blanket, steel. 2015.

Aaron Patrick Decker is a jewelry artist based in Detroit. Recently receiving his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Aaron was awarded the Mercedes Benz Emerging Artist Award 2015 and the MARZEE Graduate prize 2015. 

In 2012 Aaron was a recipient of The Windgate Fellowship, which allowed him to participate as an Artist-In-Residence in the Turnov International Jewelry Symposium, Turnov, Czech Republic, with the Association of Contemporary Portuguese Jewelers and with the Estonian Academy of Fine Arts. Recently he has shown work in the including exhibitions: Turnov International Jewelry Symposium (Turnov, Czech Republic), Free for All (Space Gallery, Portland Maine), and at the Richmond Art Center in Richmond California for Beyond Borders: Experimental Enameling; to name a few. Aaron is a contributing writer for Art Jewelry Forum, CURRENT-OBSESSION and Metalsmith Magazine.


Kenzie Lynn


  I Like You, I'm just not falling in love  Gouache on Birch Panel. 4 x 2'. 2015.

I Like You, I'm just not falling in love
Gouache on Birch Panel. 4 x 2'. 2015.

Kenzie Lynn is a Michigan-based artist. She graduated in December of 2014 with her Bachelor's degree in fine art. She draws inspiration from the graphic novels of her youth as well as life experiences, relationships, and her intricate dreams. Most of her work concentrates on abstracted design mingling with the human figure. She specializes in intricate linework, as well as wet media such as watercolor and gouache.


Barry Nelipowitz


  Untitled 25  Acrylic on Pine. 31" × 34". 2017.

Untitled 25
Acrylic on Pine. 31" × 34". 2017.

Barry Nelipowitz hails from Syracuse, NY, and received a Bachelors of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Studio Arts from Wells College in 2011.

Compulsion and actions through pattern, geometry, line work, and positive and negative space interact together to create the works of art seen here. I compose works using solid colors and measured space to interfere with the visual digestion of the eye to continuously travel across a piece. These artworks are made through the pairing of organic patterns from the grain of wood with hard-edged shapes. How the shapes and colors are chosen is a matter of instinctual reaction and a desire for balance. The wood pieces are found objects, and refurbished by hand, from a belief that there is always an opportunity to create something provoking from what many people believe to be “of no use”. Nuances and inspirations are seen from the likes of Mondrian, Escher, Frank Stella, and Sol LeWitt.