Kari Thurman


Kari Thurman is an artist that embraces the viewer experience by creating intimate relationships between the object, the viewer, and their surroundings. Taking form through sculpture and installation, her work plays with notions of fragility and stability, emphasizing both method and material. With the constant repetition of form and process, she hints towards the obsessive nature of art making.

In her early years, she spent most of her time at her grandparents' home due to her mother's work schedule. Growing up viewing her grandmother's traditional role as a housewife in comparison to that of her mother's as a modern working woman created a paradox encompassing supposed women's roles and defining what it means to be feminine. This contradictory way of thinking has played an integral part in shaping her work.


My work is rooted in an exploration of female identity and the notion of a feminine ideal. Through addressing the separation of female and feminine, light can be shed on the inconsistent classification of femininity. The work becomes a reflection on the recognition of “old-fashioned” ideas still relevant in contemporary society. Using materials and imagery directly related to and/or historically associated with women, I express the contradictory views related to the ever changing feminine ideal. By challenging the viewer to contemplate their preconceived notions, a lasting dialogue can be created from and relating to the work.

Every piece is strongly related to the process by which it is formed. Meaning is given to every aspect in the creation of a piece, enabling the execution to be as important, if not more significant than the final product. Constructed through tedious and repetitive processes, each object requires a calmness of mind and direct focus. Through the delicate and deliberate handling of materials, the viewer is able to acknowledge every consideration. By manipulating and restructuring the materials, the observer is challenged to question the fragility of work in question.