Maggie Smith


Maggie Smith is a Metro-Detroit native who was raised in Dearborn Heights and moved to Ypsilanti to pursue art. She graduated Cum Laude from Eastern Michigan University’s School of Art & Design with a Bachelor degree in Fine Art, Sculpture concentration. She has worked in galleries, artists studios, and currently maintains a studio space with Ypsi Alloy Studios. Maggie works primarily in three-dimensions but also experiments with drawing, collage, printmaking and textile art. Her favorite mediums to work with are plaster, steel, wood and fabric.

My work is driven by action-reaction situations and consequences that addresses identity, culture, time, presence and absence. These concepts are explored in an attempt to understand and express experiences and emotions. By combining subtle calculation with intuitive processes, projects are treated as experiments, investigations and therapeutic sessions where conversations take place between the myself and materials. The result is a fostering of information, clues that piece together my identity and existence.