Sarah Buddendeck


Born 1991 in Dayton, Ohio. Sarah earned a B.F.A. in 2-Dimensional Studies from Bowling Green State University in 2015. She currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and does non-profit work with children and volunteers across northwest Ohio.


I use my work to explore identity and feelings of tension or uncertainty. Toys in these still lifes become characters in a void, creating implied narratives that are not specific to any person or place.

We attach meaning to the objects we are most familiar with. Childhood playtime forms many of our expectations of the world, later becoming the nostalgic continuum upon which we measure our experiences. These expectations and experiences shape our identities, further conditioning and predetermining our responses to the future. I think this is called learning, or maybe becoming. Our play shapes and reveals us. Our traumas and hopes -- the same traumas and hopes that have existed for all time, are played out over and over in a changing social landscape.

When the objects connected to our most formative memories are animated by drawing, their significance and complexity can be revealed to us. By considering our relationships with these objects, we examine our histories and the hopes and fears that shape our futures.