Amber D. Harrison


Amber D. Harrison is a Michigan based studio artist practicing in narrative sculpture and metal work. She works primarily as a fabricator hand cutting and forming each piece while exploring the implementation of play and movement. Harrison’s practice has focused on honoring traditional silversmithing techniques, but she frequently accents with mixed media, allowing the work further depth in capturing sentimental moments of time through their metal bodies. She believes there is something special about a handmade object of purpose, and the preservation of a craft. Harrison earned her BFA from the University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design. She has exhibited in the 2014 Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show and the 2016 St. Paul American Craft Council Show. 

I look at my pieces as individual time capsules: vessels containing meaning and memories. Nostalgia, place, interaction, and ritual are all facets I incorporate within the objects to pull the mind inward. Each sculpture is carefully planned but I allow the material to direct me while I am working. Metal is a kind of poetry, becoming malleable under heat, easy to form, even to the point of fluidity, but returns solid and strong again after it is cooled and worked. I make pieces that to me are the “everyday extraordinary.” These are moments with objects we tend to overlook which shape us and make us. Moments I am making small-scale monuments for out of the most fitting material, metal