Will Cares


In my recent work I am exploring process and the dialectic of seeming opposites. Some of these oppositions include 2D/3D, white/black (with all that those words convey about opposition and race as well), clockwise/counterclockwise, life/death, Western linear time / Eastern cyclical time, and future-focused / present focused.

In my Circle Series I have used this most “perfect” shape as a symbol for existence itself. I have loaded a flat stick with paint and attached the stick to the painting by means of a metal pin. The stick is then moved in a counterclockwise direction to apply the paint in a wide uneven swath, much like the sweeping hand of a clock, but I move in the opposite direction. The counterclockwise motion is significant, I am going counter to the direction of Western time, thus I am “turning back the clock” as it were. In ancient Eastern models of time (Hinduism and Buddhism) there exists the “wheel of time” or Kalachakra, which represents time as cyclical, whereas most Western cultures view time (and thus life) more like a line or arrow, beginning at the left and moving to the right.

Recent textile pieces have been made from fabrics purchased at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. The found textiles have been altered by draping, cutting, and/ or painting and pinned to the wall without stretcher bars, thus eliminating the typical presentation of paintings. My aim is to reference other uses of textile in our everyday lives such as clothing, bedspreads, window curtains and the like to create works that function both as painted sculptures or sculptural paintings but with the echo of those other aspects of the materials from which they are made. The finished works speak of the missing human body, of loss, and death, dreams, and memories.